High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. Now you can do it too!

When you are trying to make money online, one of the best ways to do this is through Affiliate Marketing. And if you get the process right High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is the way to go if you want to bank quick profits.

So, as you probably already know Affiliate Marketing is great to get started on as you get paid a commission for selling somebody else’s products. This commission rate varies from product to product but at affiliate marketing networks like Clickbank, Warrior+ or even JVZoo you can earn anything between 50% to 75% of the purchase price.

When you do the sums though you realize that focusing on low priced-products usually require a lot of effort to get meaningful results. (Do not for a moment think that you can just push a button to riches).

This is where High Ticket Affiliate Marketing come to the forefront. What if you could put in the same amount of effort, getting leads and making sales, but instead of earning $20 to $50 per sale, you earn $500 to $2000 per sale. Make just one sale on a product that pays you $2000 and you are set for the month. I know I am.

But do become truly effective at making commissions you need to collect leads, build a list and market these products to that list.

And this is where the new product from Lee Murry, the High-Ticket Kit, gets you the head start you need to start making high ticket commissions.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

But Lee is not just giving you 30 pre-written emails and leaving it at that. He also includes list building training to help you get the leads quickly. You want as many people as possible going through the email sequence which will increase your likelihood of making that one sale dramatically.

These 30 emails focus on 7 different Hight Ticket Affiliate Marketing Products. They are not all at the same level of high value commissions but they all are quality products that would earn you at least $500 per sale. And Lee is know for writing high-converting emails, so getting this email sequence should be a no-brainer.

Once you get the High-Ticket Kit just follow these 5 simple steps to skyrocket your business:

So let’s look at the what the OTO’s (One Time Offers) are for this product:

OTO 1: Recurring Income Kit – If there is something as good as High Ticket Commissions, it would be recurring commissions. You make the sale once and as long as the customer is subscribed to that offer you get a monthly commission. Truly passive income.

OTO 2: ETN Mega

OTO 3A: Email Club (Monthly Subscription)

OTO 3B: Email Club (Lifetime Subscription)

OTO 4: Email Slick Mega

OTO 5: All Passiveclass Upgrades. (Passiveclass is another product from Lee That you can have a look at).

OTO 6: Passiveclass on Steroids. (PCOS)

OTO 7A: Double Commissions (With PCOS)

OTO 7B: Double Commissions (Without PCOS)


I’m a big fan of Lee’s products and training. I have used some of his previous training like Breakfast Embed to great effect on some of my Niche Sites. I have also purchased and is actively using one of his Niche Kits which provides Landing Pages, Lead Magnets and an email sequence in the Health market.

So I can with great confidence recommend this the High-Ticket kit to you today. Lee knows how to make sales, and if he can remove some of the effort up-front for you to get you quicker to that first high ticket sale, then you are losing out by not getting this Kit now.

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