How to get your Emails Opened and Read.

Everybody tells you to build a list to be successful in your online business. But what they don’t always tell you is how to get your emails opened and read.

I found this informative infographic from GetResponse, which addresses exactly that problem. I use GetResponse as my Auto Responder and will start applying these principles in my emails.

I have a Keto list on GetResponse and I’m busy reviewing my whole mail sequence to see how I can make the messages better and get more engagement.

If you would like to give GetResponse a try, you can get try it now for 30 Days Free. Go to to give it a go. It is so much more than just an email list and Auto Responder.

Here are just some of the features you can find within GetResponse Free:

  • Website Builder
  • Lead Generation Software
  • Email Marketing Tools

But let’s not get too side-tracked. Here’s the InfoGraphic I promised. How to get your emails opened and read!

InfoGraphic - How To Get Your Emails Opened And Read

As you can see from the start of the InfoGraphic, email is still one of the most effective means of communicating with your customers and prospects. And with a 44% of email recipients making a purchase based on a promotional email, you cannot afford to not include email as part of of your marketing strategy for your business.

Another key statistic is that people who made purchases promoted via email spent on average 138% more than people who did not receive a promotional email. That is significant and cannot be ignored.

What is also obvious from the InfoGraphic is that the subject line of the email is vitally important to get you that email open. There are some great tips here on what your subject should look like. With 64% percent of people saying they open an email because of the subject line, you should pay attention.

To conclude, email marketing is here to stay and still very effective. If there is one key skill to learn it would be on how to craft great subject lines.

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