How To Learn Crypto Trading

These days you must be blind to not have heard of Crypto, even if it just Bitcoin. There are many ways to profit from this craze, but in this post our focus will be on how to learn Crypto Trading.

I’ve been involved with Crypto for a while now, dabbling in everything from Faucets (remember those?) and Mining. But what has been the most valuable for me was to learn to do Crypto Trading.

Now, let’s be clear here. I’m not talking about signing up for these ridiculous platforms that promises you daily returns and does the trading for you. Those programs / platforms / systems are scams and will ultimately crash taking your hard-earned money with them. What I’m talking about is learning to actually make trades buying and selling Crypto on one of the various Crypto Exchanges out there.

What you need to learn is setting up your charts and easy to follow trading strategies that if you follow them should result in profit. You need to learn how to grow your trading balance all while protecting it at the same time.

I have learned all these things and still do every day, and I have been trading for 3 years now. The breakthrough for me came when I found iCoinPro. I signed up for their Free Crypty Trading Training, and watched the first video teaching you the first trading strategy.

How To Learn Crypto Trading
How To Learn Crypto Trading

The iCoinPro system was created by Justin Clark (Pictured above) and Paul de Sousa. There is a Network Marketing arm to it, but you do not have to participate in that. You can be successful just trading. The best thing about Justin and Pau are that they are applying daily exactly the trading strategies that they teach you. They are also always available to answer questions on the forum if needed. No absent or scarce ownership here.

Still want to know how to learn Crypto Trading? Sign up for free by clicking the image above. Even if you just want to increase your Crypto knowledge that is also covered by the Free account.

There are also monthly paid levels that unlocks more advanced training as well as awesome and really helpful tools like the Trade Finder. No, this is not a signal service nor a trading bot, you still have to apply the knowledge you have acquired before making a trade. The Trade Finder will just help you find potential trading opportunities based on the Trading Strategies taught in the iCoinPro system. But more on Trade Finder in later posts.

In later posts I will also be going through the different Paid levels and what you receive for those. I will expand more on the trading strategies offered which is all part of the Micro Profit System of iCoinPro. And of course a review on some of the Crypto Exchanges available and which ones I use.

Until then, if you have any questions please feel free to comment. I will happily answer any questions posed.

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